Despite federal court order, many people are still being detained at airports


Lawyers continue to report cases of unlawful deportations.

Although White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the order did not affect those holding green cards, the Department of Homeland Security said it applied to legal permanent residents. On Saturday, a federal judge ruled in favor of a temporary restraining order preventing those currently being held at U.S. airports from being deported. It was not a final ruling on the constitutionality of the executive order, however.

Many people are still being detained at airports. According to NY1, at least a dozen people were still detained at JFK Airport on Sunday morning. Alina Das, an attorney, told NY1, “The stay prevents the government from removing people who have valid status, but at the same time we’re hearing reports [they] might still be deported in violation of the stay, so there’s a lot of concern that the law isn’t being followed, and that’s simply un-American.”

You can read the rest at Think Progress.

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