Deal over Trump-branded Dallas hotel is dead


He may be making money off this presidency, but fewer and fewer people want to pay:

The developer trying  to build a Trump-brand hotel in Dallas told the city this week that the deal is dead.

Mukemmel "Mike'' Sarimsakci, who has been promoting plans to launch the Trump Organization's new Scion line of luxury hotels  on a vacant lot near Dallas City Hall, told City Council members that he will work instead with another hotel company, according to council member  Philip Kingston.

Kingston, who has been a critic of the Trump hotel project, said he and council member Adam Medrano heard the news Tuesday from Sarimsakci, who cited public opposition to the project.

The developer did not immediately reply to requests for comment Wednesday.

The change in plans follows a March investigation by The Dallas Morning News that documented Sarimsakci's checkered business history and his plans to use foreign investors he wouldn't name.

After The News pressed him to divulge their identities, Sarimsakci said the money for the project would flow only from him and his U.S. partners. He said the Trump Organization was vetting potential investors in the deal.

You can read the rest at the Dallas Morning News.

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