Could Eric Holder's resignation complicate the California State Election?

Kamala_Harris_08.jpgMaybe. Apparently, one source has Kamala Harris on the short list:

Obama knows that getting a new attorney general confirmed by the Senate — which could possibly be controlled by the Republicans come January — will be challenging, particularly deep in the second term of his presidency.

White House officials have been quietly vetting potential candidates for months, according to knowledgeable sources. One source identified [Donald] Verrilli as the leading candidate right now. Verrilli gained national attention when he defended the legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012. It was widely panned as a wobbly performance, but he prevailed in the end. Obama called to praise him both after the oral arguments and after the victory. Verrilli also served as a lawyer in the Obama White House, where he was well respected for his legal acumen and beloved for his gracious personality.

Kamala Harris, the attorney general of California and a rising star in Democratic politics, is also considered a serious contender, should she be interested in the job. But Harris, a former district attorney in San Francisco, may have other political ambitions, such as running for the U.S. Senate or eventually for governor of California.

You can read the rest at Yahoo News, but it's really all about what Kamala wants to do.

By the way this is Donald Verrili, just in case:

Donald Verrili

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