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  • Marcia Hall
    commented 2017-12-18 22:16:16 -0800
  • Tiffany McAdams
    commented 2017-08-27 14:52:20 -0700
    Hi there, I was doing some research and ended up on one of your articles about the cost of weddings, appreciate the info!

    I just finished putting together an infographic that goes over the state of American weddings in 2017 – costs, trends, and how to save money.

    Tying the knot can be a real life fairy tale, until you realize the expenses involved in making your big day exactly how you want it, with the average wedding in 2016 costing $36,329. This amount varies widely depending on location though, so I break down the top 5 most expensive and least expensive states to get married – #4 least expensive was a huge surprise!

    There’s also lots of other interesting tidbits; for example, I discovered that the 11% of destination weddings happening internationally were to some countries I wouldn’t have expected at all!

    Given your past work on the topic, I thought this might be of interest. Please let me know if you want to check it out; in any case, keep up the great work!


  • John Parviainen
    commented 2017-07-14 15:01:25 -0700
    Hi my name is John Parviainen. I recently graduated from Whittier College and am now working and living in Pasadena. I would like to join the UDH and was just wondering when the meetings are so that I can join. My e-mail is and my cell is 661-330-1417. Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.
  • John Milhous
    commented 2017-07-13 11:11:50 -0700
  • Elizabeth Rodewald
    commented 2017-05-09 09:48:32 -0700
    Even though i live in Arizona, I do know that another good candidate for 2020 would be Amy Klobashar from Mn. Even though she may not want to run, she is defiantly what we need. A very charismatic woman with the abilities to lead. Hope this helps.It is totally important to get new blood candidates. Not the same old no matter how much they want it. Is this getting to the leaders of our Party if not please tell me how to do that.
  • Elizabeth Rodewald
    commented 2017-05-07 09:57:24 -0700
    On FB i asked the question if anyone had an idea of who we can put in office in 2020. So far 6 names came up. One of the Castro brothers, Joseph P. Kennedy 111, Jason Kander, Tammy Duckworth, Booker. People are interested in new blood that is younger than the same old over 60, I am over 70 and agree with this. No more Clintons not even the daughter. We had enough of that. Next where are the voices of all those Democrats in both houses. Pelosi we hear from now and then but not much more. There are enough to finally get out of those offices and make there voices heard. It was the Democratic Party that lost our last election by not having the courage or backbone to speak up. We need younger, more charisma and personality. Some one who is willing to get out there and work to get those votes. We also need more facts with honesty not another Trump. Running mate has to do the same. We want those in Congress to listen and stick to the facts with honesty. I personally wish the TV networks would ban all political adds that want to only smear their appointees with lies and hatred. This last one was one of the nastiest campaign i have ever seen. This is the time NOW to work on taking those seats back. Do not delay. Trump has already started campaigning for another term. In just a short time he has caused so much damage. One last thing, i would at sometime like to donate but at this time i need Democrats in office, finally stand up, have a voice and get that courage to really do something. So far we have no idea what is going on. Two of you got elected to run the Democratic Party and we are demanding you both do your job and we need results. Not sorry to be blunt, but passiveness is no longer the option. One more thing, Trump is signing so many Executive Orders that 3/4th of what he is signing we never get to hear about like HR1180 getting rid of overtime pay. I don’t have to worry about this but there are a lot of people who do and do not even know this has or will happen. You wanted this job now do it. Living in Tucson, AZ a red state made me more aware.
  • Rene Arevalo Jr
    commented 2017-04-29 23:24:14 -0700
    I don’t remember signing up for your website or to have my design be used as profile picture no offense but I’m a Republican and I would never cross that line or use my design.please remove thank you
  • Sean McMorris
    commented 2017-04-20 13:44:00 -0700
    Could you please add the Alhambra Democratic Club to your list of local clubs. The Alhambra Democratic Club is a chartered club that has been in existence for 30 years. I was surprised not to see it on your list.
  • Laurel Bullock
    commented 2017-03-22 14:29:53 -0700
    How do I become a precinct captain? I live in Arcadia, Ca. 91007
  • Carol Lowell
    commented 2017-03-07 12:33:43 -0800
    I want to rsvp for the beer get together wed march 8
  • Katherine Nelson
    commented 2017-02-02 23:11:33 -0800

    I wanted to let you know of a new progressive community organization covering Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley. We’re formed through Organizing for Action, and starting Tuesday, February 14 we’ll be meeting every two weeks at Pasadena Central Library from 7-9 PM. We’d love to be added to your directory of resources and events. If you have any questions, you can contact me (the organizer).
  • Jeffrey Gutstadt
    commented 2016-12-07 11:08:58 -0800
    I’m Jeffrey Gutstadt, and am interested in volunteering at UDH. Has the location of the UDH changed since the election?
  • Lysander Cuevas
    commented 2016-11-08 07:21:38 -0800
    Is there any T-shirts and stickers still available?
  • Shawne Minelli
    commented 2016-11-07 16:17:24 -0800
  • Leah Light
    commented 2016-11-07 11:24:32 -0800
    Do you now have in stock the “nasty woman” t-shirt?
  • shlomo toy
    commented 2016-11-07 10:53:58 -0800
    Hello Mrs. Clinton

    Remember what I promised you!

    With one eye

    One leg

    One hand

    you going to defeats Tomorrow Donald Duck

  • Kathleen Morris
    commented 2016-10-29 12:24:47 -0700
    I came in to buy a car magnet, and everyone was great and I got my magnet. I put it on my car, and the paper on the magnet peeled off in 3 days. I went back into the office and exchanged it for a new one and the next day it rained and the second one peeled and cracked. I went in a 3rd time, got a new magnet (everyone was very friendly and helpful) and that one lasted 2 days — it cracked and peeled off the backing. What gives guys?
  • Marie-Paule Goislard
    commented 2016-10-28 20:34:43 -0700
    I was scheduled to volunteer tomorrow – Sat. 10/29, but i have to work and need to cancel. So sorry. Can reschedule
  • Blessing Jairus
    commented 2016-10-28 07:01:13 -0700
    hi dear friends i hope your all fine, let fight a big fight. mom Hillary must win this election. GOD BLESS
  • Blessing Jairus
    commented 2016-10-27 03:41:36 -0700
  • Blessing Jairus
    commented 2016-10-27 03:39:01 -0700
  • Blessing Jairus
    commented 2016-10-25 04:43:33 -0700
    hi dear friends i hope your all fine and healthy, kindly let support mama hillary, yes she can i believe on her, kenya
  • Joseph Kawamura
    commented 2016-10-25 00:18:38 -0700
    Hi, I was wondering if I could volunteer as a 16 year old.
  • lisa matthiessen
    commented 2016-10-19 16:33:27 -0700
    HI. I am a Pasadena resident, and I have two questions: 1 – do you carry Hillary gear, and do you have any tote bags? 2 – I would love to volunteer to help win Arizona or Nevada. Are you running buses out there?
  • Stephen Campbell
    commented 2016-10-19 15:59:54 -0700

    I am a local progressive living in the North Pasadena Heights Area between Hill and Allen. It looks like election night will be victorious for HRC and I would like to be around other Democrats and watch the returns come in. Is there a place where people are planning to meet up, like at a bar, where there will be televisions and beers? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2016-10-19 07:58:06 -0700
    Do you have yard signs?
  • Arthé Anthony
    commented 2016-10-15 11:35:44 -0700
    My 88 and 90 year old parents haven’t received their material to request an absentee ballot

    LA CA 90056

    I haven’t received my sample ballot Pasadena 91103

    Does your Pasadena headquarters have these? No one answers the phone
  • Daniel Enright
    commented 2016-10-14 18:53:53 -0700
    Why can’t Hillary Clinton supporters contact offices or candidates? Why is it all one sided – Social media only tells you how to support Hillary financially. My “Hillary” sign was stolen, my “Hillary” magnet on my car was egged. Why can’t I contact someone who will respond to that instead of just asking me for more money. This HAS TO BE two-sided. NOT just – Hillary – continually asking for more money.
  • Jen Irish
    commented 2016-10-11 12:57:39 -0700

    I’m a classroom teacher of a Civics class for 8th grade girls. We are looking at the election and I would like to get some posters and info for the democratic party. I’m curious if you have some.


  • Teresa Campos
    commented 2016-10-04 18:52:18 -0700