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    Interested in having groups of fifth and sixth grade students visit a campaign headquarter to watch politics in action and to see the types of jobs and activities that take place. We are located in Santa Monica but can transport to other locations in the area. We are using a program called Storypath to run a simulated campaign and election on our campus to run concurrently with this year’s presidential election. Students will be creating their own parties, platforms and campaigns culminating in an election on the same day the country votes.

    Our school is PS1 Pluralistic School 1225 Broadway Santa Monica 90404
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    I saw your ad in the Pasadena Weekly I would like to know if you would like to place that ad in our 10 community newspapers , I work at Beacon Media , please do give me a call we reach the whole San Gabriel valley with our papes.
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    I am in Canada, but I am wondering: If I found a way to get you fifty dollars, do you think you could get a women’s SMALL t-shirt, something nice, and mail it to me at a Los Angeles address? Is that asking too much? Please reply asap, and if there are pictures of the shirts allow me to see them. We’d like to help. Obviously I’d send you American dollars.
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    Want to forward a cartoon of DT (funny – not gross).
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    Hi – could you let us know where we can get yard signs made? This is for a Silver Lake group that needs them in their campaign to get the lake refilled ASAP.


    Freda F. Shen
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    Tue 8/9/16 I am trying to purchase “Hillary for President” signs & pins, etc ……………… but 2 Democratic offices in Pasadena, CA listed on line were inactive. I left voicemails at the 30 No. Raymond office 626-795-2798 but never received a call back. Where are they?

    Also I found another office in Pasadena [400 So. Lake Ave] but no phone number. What gives? they list hours Mon-Fri 10am-8:30pm, Sat 9-6, Sun 1-8. …………… but will anyone be there?
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    Hello, I live about 170 miles north of Pasadena or I’d be there to help any way that I can. What are some things that I can do locally to assure Hillary’s victory? Thanks for your time.
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    Testing the Contact Us Page, just in case.
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    I’m trying to get in touch with Bill Hacket. Please have him call me at the number below.
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    Welcome to the Contact page. Feel free to post ideas and suggestions.
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