Chelsea Clinton knocks ObamaCare replacement plan


Chelsea let's them have it:

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton early Tuesday knocked House Republicans' ObamaCare replacement plan, calling it "not moral."  

"So the moral is if you want to have a child, take your kids to the Dr., need hospital or ER care, to do it before 2020? No, that's NOT moral," Clinton tweeted.

Her tweet came in response to another one that read, "Under the guise of "increasing coverage options," TrumpCare eliminates basic requirements for what insurance plans cover starting in 2020."

Clinton then responded to another tweet that read, "Excuse me: Why does GOP Health Bill give an insurance co a larger tax break to increase CEO pay than it gives a family to buy coverage?"

"Well, because... No, I can't think of any (reasonable) reason," Clinton wrote.

You can read the rest at The Hill.

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