Charlottesville murder suspect can't afford lawyer; public defender is related to a victim


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The man accused of driving his car into a crowd of protesters on Saturday and killing one person was arraigned in court Monday morning. 

James Alex Fields Jr., of Ohio, faced a judge via video conference at 10 a.m. He faces a second-degree murder charge, as well as three counts of malicious wounding and hit and run.

Fields said he did not have the money to hire a lawyer; however, one of the victims is related to the public defender.

The judge denied him bond. Fields has a “control date” to schedule a preliminary hearing on Aug 25.

Outside of court, two of Fields' supporters were shouting when they were met by protesters shouting "Nazis go home." Police immediately escorted them away.

Fields is suspected of driving into the crowd of people who were counter-protesting the "Unite the Right Rally." Heather Heyer, 32, died in the crash. Nearly 20 people were injured. 

A video surfaced after the incident that showed Fields taking part in the rally beforehand. 

One of Fields' former teachers says he remembers Fields' obsession and interest in extreme views such as Nazism and white supremacy.

The teacher also says Fields was diagnosed with schizophrenia and says he recently tried to join the military, but was denied because of a history of anti-psychotic medication.

He thinks this could have been what set him off. 

Fields doesn't have a criminal history. Court records show only a single traffic conviction.

You can see the rest of this story at Channel 9, WAFB.

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