California Voters favor a path to legalization for the Undocumented (VIDEO)

IMG_1810-1024x764.jpgThis is progress. California, the state that once passed Prop. 187 is now looking at the Immigration Problem differently:

Across major demographic and partisan groups, nearly three in four of those surveyed favor an overhaul of federal immigration laws.

However some work must still be done.

But sharp divisions emerge over the fate of unaccompanied minors from Central America who have streamed over the U.S. border in recent months, the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll shows.
Nearly half call for the children to be immediately deported, but a similar number say they should be allowed to stay in California as they await legal proceedings.
The dichotomy reflects a pragmatic belief that something must be done without creating an incentive that prompts more people to cross the border illicitly, said Dave Kanevsky of American Viewpoint, a Republican polling firm that helped conduct the bipartisan survey.
"Voters are compassionate to those here illegally — they recognize this is a problem that needs to be addressed," he said. "But what they don't want to do is have solutions that let the problems continue and fester.... They're compassionate to immigrants but they're not open-border advocates."
The findings also reflect a state electorate that has grown increasingly tolerant of people here illegally in the two decades since the passage of Proposition 187, the ballot measure intended to deny taxpayer-funded services to those in the country illegally. (It was virtually invalidated later by the courts.)

I can't say this is a perfect picture, but given where we were twenty years ago, this is major, major change for the better.

We've seen major major shifts in our collective attitudes on Marriage Equality, and now we're seeing equally impressive shifts in our views on Immigration.

Immigration remains a National/Federal Issue, but California is changing...and changing for the better.  The people of California are looking at the problem differently, and these numbers show they want an actual solution.

Which makes one wonder? Why are the Republicans, on every level of Government looking to prevent Comprehensive Immigration Reform from fixing this problem, or even starting to fix it?

Your vote could make a big difference in this issue, and many others.  This is why you have to vote in every election, and make your voice heard.

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