California attorney general opens DC office


Attorney General Becerra expects to be doing a lot of fighting with this administration:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s (D) office will open an outpost in Washington, D.C., as expected clashes between the liberal state and the Trump administration loom.

The new office, which will be housed alongside Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) Washington representative, is a sign that Becerra expects to be involved in legal fights against the Trump administration.

California was one of the states that sued the administration over an executive order temporarily blocking immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. The state is also likely to watch the Trump administration’s moves on environmental regulations and labor rules. 

And California will have a vested interest in the Justice Department’s enforcement of federal marijuana laws. Voters in November heavily backed a ballot initiative legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.

Becerra “has said he’ll do all it takes to advance and protect the interests of the people of California. Establishing a presence in our nation’s capital is consistent with that commitment,” Patricia Moscoso, the attorney general’s spokeswoman, said in an email.

You can read the rest at The Hill.

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