The UDH is a coalition of several Democratic clubs in and around the Pasadena area. We are one of the largest and most active Democratic campaign headquarters in the state of California.  For almost 30 years, The United Democratic Headquarters has stood as a shining example of what Democratic grassroots organizing can accomplish.  Due to the dedication of the committed Democrats who started this committee, and opened the first election headquarters, our region has gone from a Republican majority to a Democratic majority at every level of government. 

Now that the 2016 election has passed, our brick and mortar headquarters has closed, however we continue to operate our grassroots efforts.  The UDH stands as a organization with the same purpose it had at its founding: to get Democrats to the polls, to register voters, to reach out to Independent voters, and most importantly to communicate clearly on the issues at stake, and to present information on groups and organizations working hard towards these goals. 

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