A woman who peddles distortions and flat-out falsehoods about Obamacare just joined Trump's Economic Team


If you want someone to hit the campaign trail and lie about the Affordable Care Act, Betsy McCaughey is your woman:

The campaign's biography of McCaughey describes her as "a public policy expert," citing her Ph.D. from Columbia University, her time as the lieutenant governor of New York state, her two anti-Obamacare books and her "nationwide educational campaign to stop hospital-acquired infections."

But it leaves out perhaps the greatest asset she brings to Team Trump: an ability to serve up distortions and flat-out falsehoods about Democratic legislation that mainstream Republicans and even credible media outlets devoured and regurgitated as conventional wisdom.

McCaughey's biggest success was her role in the defeat of the health care reform initiative led by then-First Lady Hilary Clinton, an achievement that makes her entry into this current electoral cycle all the more fitting. In what started as a Wall Street Journal op-ed, McCaughey pushed the inaccurate assertion that the Clinton legislation would ban health care consumers from paying doctors for services outside their government plans.

If you want to recall all your fond, fond memories of Betsy McCaughey (but why would you?) you can at Talking Points Memo.

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