"The adult in the room."

Jerry_Brown_05.jpgThe Los Angeles Times has taken a long, look back at Jerry Brown's term, and...it turns out...he's lived up to what he promised to deliver in 2010:

Brown has received praise on more significant vows: to increase local control of government functions, reduce public pension costs, keep a lid on spiraling university tuition and — the central promise of his 2010 campaign — stabilize California's finances.

When he took office in January 2011, the governor faced a $26-billion deficit that was erased with a mix of budget cuts, tax hikes and luck. Brown continued reducing public healthcare and other services, as his Republican predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had done. Then he persuaded voters to pass a temporary increase in sales taxes and new levies on high earners.

Those moves and the economic improvements that followed the recession buoyed state finances, creating a surplus for the first time in years and bolstering his prospects for a fourth, final term. 

Although Republican lawmakers opposed Brown's tax increases, they have given the governor credit for spending less on government programs than his fellow Democrats would prefer. Connie Conway, who led the Assembly's Republican caucus for much of Brown's term, often called him "the adult in the room."

Yes, you read that right, even the Republicans have praised his leadership.

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