‘He Doesn’t Give a Crap Who He Fires’


It's not like we didn't try to warn folks that this is who he was:

“Listen,” said Jack O’Donnell, a former high-ranking Trump casino executive in Atlantic City, “he’s always been very protective of himself, first and foremost. In that regard, this, I believe, is consistent—because he’s certainly trying to protect himself.”

“This is who he is,” said Artie Nusbaum, one of the top bosses at the construction firm that built Trump Tower. “No morals, no nothing. He does what he does.”

People who work or have worked with Trump have been saying this forever.

“He says, ‘Go do it’—that’s the end of it,” Trump Organization executive vice president George Ross told me last year.

“He gets an idea in his head and just says, ‘Do it,’” Res told me earlier this year. “There’s no direction. The idea isn’t built up or fleshed out. He just says, ‘Let’s do this.’”

Trump fired Comey without consulting many people, heeding only the advice he wanted to hear and evidently without much of a plan to handle the five-alarm fallout some White House officials say (preposterously) they did not expect.

“His whole pattern of conduct is exactly what he did here—ready, fire aim,” said Alan Marcus, a former Trump publicist. “He just doesn’t stop and think. It’s not ready, aim, fire. It’s ready, fire, aim.”

You can read the rest at Politico.

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